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Living in Columbus, Ohio equals land of opportunity for designers, with at least a dozen retail headquarters. Les Wexner founded The Limited and built several more retail empires including Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, Limited Too, and Lane Bryant to name a few.


I designed packaging and accessories for Bath & Body Works for a total of 6 years.  With zero textile experience, working with fabrics, trims, and hardware was something I started learning my first week on the job. Communicating product specifications to factories in China or building mechanical art files for print production became a part of my daily routine.


My team was based in New York, so working independently out of the Columbus headquarters was something I embraced. Communication via phone or email was often the only contact I had with my boss for weeks. I traveled frequently on the corporate jet for executive meetings, trend shopping, photo shoots or press approvals. During my final year with the company I was designing and coordinating the Fresh Picked Anti-Bacterial collections. Creating mood boards, photo layouts, typography treatments, product comps, packaging turnovers, directing photo shoots and retouching, and attending press approvals.


Corporate retail is a tough industry. It takes a thick skin to be a designer in this environment. Your work can be torn apart, taken over or changed 20 times before it finally reaches the store. I continue working with retail clients daily, understanding the pressure and need to be adaptable.