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Five years into my career I was offered a job at a manufacturing and buying company, Atrium, as their lead accessories designer. Most of us were “Ex-Brands” people. I began developing a structure to build the design team and provide efficiency among the teams.


I worked on design and development for over two dozen retail brands in accessories, apparel, packaging and visuals. From major brands like Victoria’s Secret, rapidly growing companies like Thirty-One Gifts and small brands like It’Sugar, I provided creative and technical support to our customers.


Offering GWP ideas was a large part of the business, selling over 100,000 units of a tote bag to brands like Victoria’s Secret. I loved working with budding companies who started out purchasing private label goods from vendors and were now ready to create original collections. These brands did not have a designer and looked to me to design their product lines that would be manufactured by our company.


Understanding manufacturing and material costs is the key to efficiently designing a product. If a client couldn’t afford a custom logo zipper pull, we had the factories send us books of available samples. And if they couldn’t afford a zipper I came up with solutions for a product that didn’t need a zipper. Once designs were approved for sampling, I created tech packs and worked with Product Development to communicate what we wanted our factories in China to produce, often going through several rounds of revisions to get to the targeted cost and approved design.